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Celebrity Testimonial

"I really love the workout, In one hour you feel like you do
everything. You complete one workout and you're done for the day."

 Sofia Vergara, Shape Magazine
October, 2014


mantra™ - strengthen, lengthen and tone the body quickly and safely

mantra™ is the first and only studio on the West Coast of Florida to offer the innovative Megaformer™/Lagree Fitness® workout.  It is the only workout that effectively combines strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, core and balance training in a single 50-minute heart pumping, muscle toning, total body workout.

The workout targets all muscle groups through resistance from the machine's strings and pulleys, burning fat, emphasizing cardio elements, providing stretching benefits and optimizing body composition.
The workout has been described as the “Birth Child of Pilates” taking the strength based foundation of Pilates and seamlessly mixing in an intense muscle endurance cardio training.  The end result is a heart pumping, muscle toning, total body workout.




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